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Frequently Asked Question

What should my child expect each day?

During the 4-day camp, participants will begin promptly 9:00am with a light breakfast. Lunch is also provided.  Most workshops and discussions will be led by an attorney or judge.  Campers will be given a mock trial problem and given an attorney or witness role to play.  Students will be given guidance on trial practice and perform their mock trial for a jury made up of volunteers, parents and guests on the last day of the camp.  

Is there an age a student has to be to participate?

Participants should be between the ages of 13-21 and a current or incoming high school student.

Do I have to live in Columbus, Georgia or attend a Muscogee County School to participate?

No, but campers do need transportation to and from downtown Columbus, GA each day.  There is not a remote option for the program this year.  


What is the attire or dress each day?

Your child will be participating in court room proceedings and campers should be professionally dressed (No Jeans, Sundresses, Athletic wear, sneakers, etc.) in business attire each day of the camp.  

Where will the event be held?

Most of the  activities will be hosted in the Columbus Government Center, 100 10th Street, Columbus, GA each day except Wednesday.  On Wednesday, Campers will be dropped off at a location to be provided for visits to the police department, jail and Recorders Court.  Campers should be picked up at the Recorders Court side of the jail by 4:30pm on Wednesday only.  

What should my child bring with them to the camp?

Nothing.  All materials needed for the camp are included and provided to the students on the first day.  Students are allowed to take their materials home, but should  bring their materials back each day to camp.  

Does a parent or guardian needed to stay with the Campers during the camp?

No, camp chaperones will escort campers during the four day week.  Parents should go through Government Center security and drop off campers with the chaperones on the Ground Floor Conference Room on the first day no later than 9:00am.   

What is mock trial?

A mock trial is a competition to simulate a real court trial.  

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